3rd party ps3 controller Model no. CECHZC2H

So my ps3 controllers stopped working one after the other (after 4 years). Being cheap I thought id get a 3rd party one off trademe. Fast delivery.great packaging. BUT i can't use the thing.because it will not do its syncing via bluetooth. Should the buyer have stated you need another one to sync it (viadisplay menu) I go do a google and now it says it will not work with updates past 3.50 !

Gamer_cjcjs, Jun 20, 1:34 am

Looking at the auction in question it could have been mentioned but if it worked with that workaround then moot.

The fact it doesn't work after a particular patch would mean refund and return time - starting with contacting them.

Works with PS3 does not mean works with un-updated PS3's that can't access PSN.

I would suggest replacing the battery instead or buying Sony branded next time. Better value.

Also more than one in 100 trades negative with 30K feedback means they are doing something wrong and I would have given them the miss.

Gamer_bestgames, Jun 20, 1:53 am

You are entitled to a refund, no question whatsoever.
Here's why. Read the auction again. Jumped out at me immediately.

"-Works with any PS3 Console"

So I ask you.is your PS3 "any PS3 console"! Yes, it is.

The lesson here! Stay away from cheap junk & buy genuine product.

Gamer_trevenco, Jun 20, 3:21 pm

Thanks heaps guys!

Gamer_cjcjs, Jun 21, 12:11 am