Samsung galaxy y, text to speech not working

Anyone have this phone! my text to speech option isnt working, was working yesterday but not sure what has happened in between. Possible I have deleted something I shouldnt have! When I go to write a txt I push the voice microphone speaker thingy and it says speak now - then when ive finished it says - working then - connection failed! any ideas! thanks

Gamer_blondie191, May 12, 6:04 pm

I played that game once. Hated it.

Can't recall what console it was on for some odd reason.

Gamer_sg-1, May 12, 6:10 pm

Sorry dont follow, Maybe wrong thread! This isnt a game its another option for you to use when you want to write a text out. You talk and it writes.

Gamer_blondie191, May 12, 6:31 pm

Press: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, a, b.

Gamer_wellystretch, May 12, 7:29 pm

Yup, I can confirm this gives you infinite ammo

Gamer_haybales, May 12, 9:36 pm

^ Cheating is for scrubs.

Just persist and eventually make the jump.

Gamer_psalter, May 12, 10:21 pm

Welcome to samsung mobile. One player game that no one wins.

Gamer_sub_666, Jun 3, 7:31 pm

dZt0iq bolbqhedudqe

Gamer_guest, Apr 6, 3:39 pm

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