MW3 has strict nat & was told to go to the web site but got this:
Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.

What does that mean!

Gamer_rayza59, Nov 18, 3:52 pm

That CoD is poo

Gamer_4tzhard, Nov 18, 4:28 pm

You are like a broken record.

Gamer_dinoz, Nov 18, 5:30 pm

What platform are you on! I had trouble on my xbox with the Nat type (was fine with Black Ops etc). In the end I put my xbox in the DMZ on my router, all good.

Gamer_dinoz, Nov 18, 5:34 pm

Try putting www. in front of the link mate, works for me.

Gamer_4xfaster, Nov 18, 5:53 pm

Didn't for me.Just logged back in & nat is now moderate,so who knows.
Was strict before tho.

Gamer_rayza59, Nov 18, 6:10 pm

user: admin

pass: admin

Find UpnP and enable it.

Gamer_4xfaster, Nov 18, 6:27 pm

Thanks 4xfaster.that's already been done & all the other stuff that goes with it(port forwarding etc).Was going ok this morning and all of a sudden i couldn't get into any games.That was when the strict thing came up & said to go to the site to fix it.All going good now so don't know what happened.

Gamer_rayza59, Nov 18, 6:45 pm

f##k knows, was working fine today now its came up strict and i cannt get any online games to play

Gamer_guest, Nov 27, 8:38 am

i can't play multiplayer online wt* >

Gamer_guest, Dec 1, 11:49 pm

this is bullshit

Gamer_guest, Dec 2, 6:24 am

any idea how to play multiplayer nat strict how do you change nat type

Gamer_guest, Dec 2, 8:09 am

how do fix it?

Gamer_guest, Dec 2, 7:35 pm

this sight can go eat a dick. tells u fuck all

Gamer_guest, Dec 2, 8:08 pm

Ino its alot of fucking round but... All as u need to do is have mw2 the game load it up before u go on mw3 load a online multiplayer game of ur choice then eject the disk and put mw3 on....sorted!!! :) this is what i do my nat is now always open add us asa mate on ps.....dollybadger and xbox do11ybadger :)

Gamer_guest, Dec 3, 1:37 pm

why can't this site be clear .just let us know how to fix the freaking problem.
maybe stuff mw3 and i play battlefield instead.

Gamer_the_poopsy, Dec 3, 8:38 pm


Gamer_guest, Dec 3, 11:57 pm


Gamer_bf_ftw, Dec 3, 11:58 pm

It was fibe ten mins ago now it says strick

Gamer_guest, Dec 4, 12:21 am

you fuckers a dumb shit head bastards fix up mw3, fix the fucking servers, fix fucking theater mode so u can watch it with people, fix the overpowered akimbo fucking weapons remove motherfucking final niga stand u fucks shit heads and fucking remove dead virgins motherfucking hand u fuck faces

Gamer_guest, Dec 4, 11:26 am

so wat do u do im lost mw3 on strict y

Gamer_guest, Dec 4, 5:34 pm

This COD is absolute rubbish, infinity ward needs 2 think about a different game other than modern warfare theyr all the same. BORING!!! Take a leaf out of treyarch's book, mix it up a bit.

Gamer_guest, Dec 5, 12:32 am

I just have 2 reset router nearly every day 2 get nat open.

Gamer_guest, Dec 5, 12:42 am

ohh how do i be the host it tells me to go to here but no luck

Gamer_guest, Dec 6, 2:29 pm

this is so fucking gay LET ME PLAY MW3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gamer_ebaydog, Dec 7, 12:12 pm

how i fix the nat on mw3 was moderate and then after the game strict!!! :S

Gamer_guest, Dec 7, 12:31 pm

this is bull shit strict my ass i want a refund for this shit i got online gold to play online not to get fucked around when will it be fixed or how do i fix it my self fuck this game infinity ward sucks ass treyarch is were it is at

Gamer_up_yours, Dec 7, 1:15 pm

Need signal.......

Gamer_guest, Dec 8, 7:06 am

hey his is fucking gay

Gamer_guest, Dec 8, 12:06 pm

my name in mw3 is pellotellos and my acount is strick

Gamer_guest, Dec 9, 4:52 am

Infinity ward u suck

Gamer_guest, Dec 10, 1:16 am

I will not buy another modern toobfair, worst COD ever, sort ursels out infinity ward, just because COD 4 was a huge success, Treyarch rules

Gamer_guest, Dec 10, 1:37 am

There should be an FBI part.

Gamer_guest, Dec 10, 4:57 am

how can i fix my nat type for the play station 3 call of duty modern warfare 3

Gamer_guest, Dec 10, 10:32 am


Gamer_guest, Dec 10, 3:21 pm

This may help.went to play mw3 today had strict type.turned off ps3 and unplugged router .waited for about 2 minutes.plugged in router turned on ps3 now have open type on mw3

Gamer_killer_ozzie, Dec 10, 4:49 pm

COD mw3 sucks so bad i want my money back bc of the strict problem...i never had any problems untill i bought this!!!!!!

Gamer_guest, Dec 11, 11:48 am

fix the problem!!!!!! i would hate to drive to infinity ward in CA

Gamer_guest, Dec 11, 11:54 am

u suck cod

Gamer_guest, Dec 11, 11:55 am

Loada Ballocks this site fs

Gamer_guest, Dec 12, 7:06 am

...tybe net the best ):

Gamer_ahmed, Dec 12, 9:44 pm

This is so gay please try and give us ALL some good info please

Gamer_guest, Dec 13, 5:51 am

wat the hell

Gamer_charmy, Dec 13, 6:51 am


How do u sort ur nat type from strict to open

Gamer_yer_mo, Dec 13, 7:09 am

i went to and typed in "my age" clear that then it shows up as Fatel Error then a bunch of other shit ............ like wtf black ops and cod 4 are the only cod games i have played then i buy mw3 i have moderate nat type origanly games work fine and all but NOOO INFINITY WARD HAD A DICK UP THERE FUCKING NOSES TO SEE THAT THEIR GAY AND GAME MAKE A FUCKING GOOD CONNECTION, ITS AS EASY AS TIEING YOUR FUCKING SHOES ONCE YOU HAVE YOUR SHIT TO GETHER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIXX MY FUCKING SHITTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. can anyone help meh??:)

Gamer_angry_fucking_co, Dec 13, 2:58 pm

btw my nat is strict right now forgot to mention that -.-

Gamer_angry_fucking_co, Dec 13, 3:00 pm

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this is what i do i change nat to open

Gamer_guest, Dec 14, 1:20 pm

i'm killing them all

Gamer_guest, Dec 14, 3:53 pm

What's the crack with teamkillers rocket launching at the start of rounds in S&D, this had been fixed. Y can they do this, sort it out infinity ward, load of rubbish

Gamer_guest, Dec 15, 2:55 pm


Gamer_guest, Dec 15, 4:12 pm

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